Summary information

The aim of the Business + University programme is to foster practical collaboration between them through business challenges intended to activate the student body through practical exercise and the university teaching staff through transfer efforts.

The 4gune cluster also collaborates with Siemens Gamesa in the specific program The Circular Region Megaproject, responding from the Basque University to challenges related to the field of Energy.


Collaborating entities

Automotive Intelligence Center

Clúster de Energía del País VascoAsociación Española de Fabricantes de Máquinas-herramienta

Siemens Gamesa

What differentiate this program

The programme aims to:

  • Facilitate the development and consolidation of highly skilled human capital.
  • Provide optimal responses with greater value to business challenges.
  • The early detection of talent and retaining it so that it may, in turn, continue overcoming bigger challenges with a wider scope. 
  • Foster knowledge transfer and contribute towards the generation of an environment of excellence.
  • Optimise the resources of the network of Basque universities and companies.
  • Strengthen the training and preparation of young people.
Program Breakdown

Students from the 4GUNE university centres respond to the challenges raised by companies from a specific sector through the implementation of projects co-supervised by teaching staff and company managers. The projects may be carried out individually by students, leading to end-of-degree projects (TFG) or Master’s Theses (TFM), or jointly in the heart of a subject. Overcoming the challenge is supported economically by the companies.

Two types of agreements will be established:

  • Educational Cooperation Agreements
  • Transfer Agreements (contract as per Article 83 of the Universities Organic Law (LOU))