This new 4gune Executive Course provides specialist inter-university training on the smart industry, tailored to business needs and socio-economic trends, with an agile format and a practical approach.

It is based on the cooperation of the Faculties and Schools of Engineering, Science and Technology of the Basque Country and the BRTA Technology Alliance, offering participants an excellent teaching experience and a high relational value.

CE 2024 - entidades


What will this course give you?

The 4gune Executive Course provides:

Knowledge on the state of the art of cutting-edge technological-digital platforms for data analysis, together with success stories on smart industry and case studies on decision-making in response to the real needs of Basque companies and their strategic objectives.

Multidisciplinary, cross-cutting, expert teaching by the Faculties and Schools of Engineering, Science and Technology of the Basque University System, and professionals from the BRTA (Basque Research and Technology Alliance) centres and industry.

A participatory, multi-location environment that facilitates knowledge exchange and collaboration between professionals in the smart industry sector.


What type of course is it?


Executive Course  / Short Learning Programme


Theoretical and practical through real case studies and study visits.




Faculties participating in the programme and BRTA centres


40 hours


Thursday and Friday, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm


April-June 2024

No. of places

20 max.

Registration fee

875 EUR


Who is this training intended for?

This training is aimed at providing practical, dynamic training or qualifications to professionals in Basque companies, by providing them with the tools to contribute to promoting smart industry in their organisations, based on knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and data analysis. 

It is aimed at managerial and intermediate positions (area / department / service managers) who are authorised to make decisions in the company (related to investment in production lines, product development and supply chains, among others).

It is designed for professionals who are looking to brush up on their knowledge of the digital transformation of industry and acquire new competences such as leadership skills, efficient management, resource mobilisation and executive decision making.

Professional backgrounds as well as different levels of education and training will be considered.


What content will be covered?

PART 1: Big Data + Business Intelligence
  • Importance of data in decision-making: Framework
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data and Business Intelligence for Digital Business Transformation
  • Legal Approaches to Smart Industry

Success stories: CEIT, Grupo LANIT, BSK Abogados, Fagor Digital Suite & Ideko

PART 2: Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Disruptive Technologies for Industry Transformation
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for Digital Transformation

Success stories: Grupo INZU-Talens, IDOM & VICOMTECH

PART 3: Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities in Business and Industry
  • Corporate Information Security: Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Success stories: Deusto University, Ikerlan



PART 1: Big Data + Business Intelligence
  • CE 4gune_EOI Wolfram Rozas
    Director of Post-Graduated Programs in Big Data & Business, Escuela de Organización Industrial
  • CE 4gune_CEIT Saioa Arizabalaga
    Director of Data Analysis and Information Management Group, Ceit Technology Centre
  • CE 4gune_Tecnun Íñigo Gutiérrez
    Director of Development and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tecnun, University of Navarra
  • CE 4gune_Grupo-LANIT Javier Lastra
    Managing Partner, LANIT Consulting
  • CE 4gune_BSK-Abogados Ramón Solórzano
    Business and Digital Law, BSK Abogados
  • CE 4gune_UPV-EHU Beñat Gallastegi
    Lecturer and researcher at the University School of Dual Engineering, IMH Campus
  • CE 4gune_Fagor Igor Murgiondo
    Service Business Director at Fagor Automation S. Coop-en
  • CE 2024 - IDEKO Aitor Fernández
    Project Manager, Ideko
PART 2: Artificial Intelligence
  • CE 4gune_INZU-Group Patxi Samaniego
    Director of Innovation, Inzu Group
  • CE 4gune_IDOM Álvaro Barrios
    Head of Virtual, Augmented and Simulation Reality, IDOM
  • CE 4gune_UPV-EHU German Rigau Claramunt
    Senior Lecturer. Deputy Director of HiTZ (Basque Research Center for Language Technologies). Faculty of Computer Science of San Sebastian, UPV/EHU
  • CE 4gune_UPV-EHU Aitziber Atutxa Salazar
    Associate Professor. Bilbao Engineering School, UPV/EHU
  • CE 4gune_UPV-EHU Koldo Gojenola Galletebeitia
    Lecturer at Computer Science Faculty, UPV/EHU. Senior Lecturer. Bilbao Engineering School, UPV/EHU
  • CE 4gune_Vicomtech Teacher to be confirmed
PART 3: Cybersecurity
  • CE 4gune_Deusto Pablo García Bringas 
    Vice Dean of External Relations and Director of the Deusto Chair in Digital Industry
  • CE 4gune_Mondragon-Unibertsitatea Jesús Lizarraga 
    Telematics and Cybersecurity Coordinator at MGEP-MU
  • CE 4gune_Ikerlan David González 
    Head of Industrial Cybersecurity, ikerlan



  • CE 4gune_BRTA Visits to be confirmed

Who provides and accredits this training?


4gune - Basque Science, Technology and Engineering Cluster for Smart Industry

Academic Committee
  • Ixaka Egurbide, IMH Advanced and Digital Manufacturing Campus
  • Koldo Gojenola, Faculty of Computer Science, University of the Basque Country - Euskal Herriko Unibertstitatea
  • Pablo García Bringas, Faculty of Engineering, University of Deusto
  • Jesús Lizarraga, Polytechnic School, Mondragon University
  • Iñigo Gutierrez, Tecnun, University of Navarra
Technology Partner

BRTA Technology Alliance


Euskampus Fundazioa





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Deadline for registration: until 9 April 2024.

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