Our University cooperates in the response to the challenges of Basque society

The 4gune Cluster designs and promotes specialist university training based on the cooperation of Basque Faculties and Schools of Engineering, Science and Technology.

The programmes recently promoted and supported by 4gune are detailed below. 


CE 2024 - 4gune

In 2024, 4gune presents the Executive Course "Smart Industry: Technology-enabled decision making". This is a new specialist inter-university course, tailored to business needs and socio-economic trends and based on the cooperation of the Faculties and Schools of Engineering, Science and Technology of the Basque Country and the BRTA Technology Alliance.

This training is aimed at providing practical, dynamic qualifications to professionals in Basque companies, by providing them with the tools to contribute to promoting smart industry in their organisations, based on knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and data analysis. 


The LaHu project is part of the Durangaldeko Ekogarapen Gunea inter-institutional initiative, which is aimed at designing equipment and services tailored to the business and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Durangaldea region.

This innovative European Higher Education project in a quadruple helix model (institutional actors, education actors, companies and society) presents Basque Dual Higher Education (VET and University) as a lever for action.

4gune has been involved in the project since 2023, contributing to analysing, conceptualising and designing dual mode training programmes, in collaboration with the Universities and Vocational Training Centres in the Basque Country.


    PE 2023

    The 4gune Smart Industry Executive Programme was the cluster's first training project and it aimed to provide management profiles in Basque companies with training and qualifications in order to lead the transition towards Smart Industry in their organisations.

    The programme was jointly taught and accredited by:

    • Faculty of Computer Science at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
    • IMH Advanced and Digital Manufacturing Campus (UPV/EHU)
    • Faculty of Engineering (Deusto University)
    • Higher Polytechnic School ( Mondragon University)
    • Tecnun Engineering School (Navarra University)



    Laudio Glass Hub


    Laudio Glass Hub is a comprehensive project run by Llodio Town Council to position the renowned glass industry in the area thanks to the development of a top-flight European ecosystem in glass technology and innovation.

    4gune took part in the project during the period 2022-2023 and identified the training and research offer in the glass sector and analysed the demand for training in the glass industry in Laudio, carried out in collaboration with the Basque Government's Vocational Training Directorate. 


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