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4GUNE is the Basque Cluster for Engineering, Science and Technology. It is led and promoted by the Basque Government’s Department of Education and embraces 11 Centres from the Basque University System, the Basque Industry 4.0 Steering Group, the Basque Innovation Agency – Innobasque, the Basque Business Confederation – Confebask and their partners, Adegi, Cebek and SEA, the Basque Business Development Agency-SPRI and the Automotive Intelligence Center (AIC).

The presidency of the cluster lies with the University Policy and Coordination Division of the Deputy Ministry for Universities and Research of the Basque Government’s Department of Education. At the same time, boosting actions, modelling the system and alignment with the RIS3 specialisation strategy, among others, are tasks of the technical secretariat performed by Euskampus Fundazioa.

In its set-up as a Cluster, it ultimately aims to contribute towards strengthening University+Business cooperation in the Basque Country in the new scenario of the Basque RIS3, boosting and implementing collaboration models and co-creation mechanisms. The initial years of the 4GUNE Cluster have been developed mainly in Industry 4.0 but it aims to have an impact on all priority areas of the RIS3 in the Basque Country.

Centers and Faculties

Pertenecientes La Industria 4.0 en el Sistema Universitario Vasco.

UPV/EHU Bilbao Engineering School

A union of four engineering schools with more than 100 years of history closely connected with the business world and training adapted to market needs.

UPV/EHU Engineering School of Gipuzkoa

A union of two engineering schools accredited for their orientation towards organisation and quality in management, with a broad network of ongoing alliances and collaborations with different public and private institutions.

UPV/EHU Vitoria-Gasteiz Engineering School

An engineering school which is a member of several international networks, having won awards for its advanced management and strategy analysis model, working with students, people, society and innovation.

UPV/EHU Faculty of Science and Technology

A school that encompasses more than 35 fields of scientific and technical knowledge, bringing together the largest set of resources for research, development and innovation in the Basque Country, as a model for training professionals capable of playing a crucial role to face some of our society’s most important challenges.

UPV/EHU Faculty of Pharmacy

A young school with intensive activity in research that has gradually become consolidated and gained greater recognition within the university community itself and in its external outreach to society and the professional world.

UPV/EHU Faculty of Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry encompasses many different fields of scientific and technical knowledge, oriented towards the natural sciences and mainly chemistry and materials, possessing an internationally acclaimed track record in research.

UPV/EHU  Faculty of Informatics

Centre of reference for training and technical/scientific knowledge in information systems and computing sciences. It stands out for its use of “Project-based Learning” methodologies and its orientation towards research.

IMH, Machine Tool Institute

A pioneering institute that specialises in dual university training in the fields of advanced production and technological/organisational innovation for companies.

University of Deusto Faculty of Engineering
University of Deusto

A school which is committed to a very practical, dynamic, participatory teaching methodology so as to ensure a high level of practical knowledge, essential to professional development and research intended for facilitating progress in the society of the future.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea Faculty of Engineering
Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Striving to build a better, more just society, the School linked to Grupo Mondragon has an acknowledged track record in dual training, notable internationalisation, a cooperative style and research oriented towards the medium to long-term needs of companies in its surrounding area.

Tecnun, Engineering School

A school which belongs to the University of Navarre, while maintaining a balance between teaching, research and service to society, it performs research activities in conjunction with researchers from the Gipuzkoa Centre for Studies and Technical Research.

AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center
Other agents

The  AIC-Automotive  Intelligence  Center  is  a  value  generation  site  for  the  automotive  industry  based  onan  open  innovation  concept,  in  which  companies  improve  their  competitiveness  through  cooperation.  Through  a  market-oriented  outlook,  it  combines  knowledge,  technology  and  industrial  development  all  into  one  single  structure.

Basque Business Confederation (Confebask)
Other agents

The  AIC-Automotive  Intelligence  Center  is  a  value  generation  site  for  the  automotive  industry  based  onan  open  innovation  concept,  in  which  companies  improve  their  competitiveness  through  cooperation.  Through  a  market-oriented  outlook,  it  combines  knowledge,  technology  and  industrial  development  all  into  one  single  structure. The  Basque  Business  Confederation  (Confebask)  isan  organisation  which  represents  and  defends  the  general  and  shared  interests  of  Basque  businesspeople  and  provides  them  with  legal  representation  before  the  government,  labour  union  organisations,  professional  bodies  and  public  opinion  in  the  Basque Country.

Other agents

Innobasque  is  a  private  non-profit  association  that  includes  civil  society  and  companies,  focusing  on  the  innovation  which  drives  the  motor  behind  social  and  economic  transformation,  to  move  towards  a  sustainable  Basque  Country,  and  itis  the  key  to  building  innovative  solutions  that  solve  the  Basque  Country’s  great  social,  economic  and  environmental  problems.

SPRI-Business Development Agency of the Basque Government
Other agents

In the SPRI Group, Basque companies find the tools to become more international and entrepreneurial, obtain financing, locate industrial land, apply new technologies, innovate or carry out the necessary process of entering the New Industry, Basque Industry 4.0. Moreover, it is the agency the Basque Government has entrusted with attracting and facilitating foreign investment through its Invest in the Basque Country service.

Basque Industry 4.0
Other agents

Basque Industry 4.0 is a move towards the incorporation of intelligent systems into production plants, the improved use of emerging capabilities and technologies in new products and processes, the integration of advanced materials into higher added-value solutions and improved processes, and the efficiency and sustainability of resources and integration of high added-value services.

Other agents

ADEGI is the Business Association of Gipuzkoa, a private association with over 35 years of experience promoting business activities.

To that end it represents the companies when they deal with social institutions and partners, offering advice and training to the companies, and it has established a powerful collaborative network between them.

Other agents

The Bizkaia Business Confederation (CEBEK) is the regional business organisation set up as a non-profit entity with voluntary membership, comprised of federations, associations and companies. Its mission is to represent and defend the interests of its members before society and public and private institutions that affect or influence their activities, always seeking to increase the competitiveness of companies.

Other agents

SEA came about in 1971 but was not officially recognised as an association until 1978. Initially, it brought together the metal industry, whereby it now covers all business sectors.

Together with the Bizkaia association, CEBEK, and the one from Gipuzkoa, ADEGI, it forms CONFEBASK, which, in turn, is integrated in the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE). Thanks to this, the business representation in Araba has been extended to a national level.

Related Projects

Creation of a Pole of Knowledge in Cultural and Creative Industries as a strategic tool for the development of actions in the fields of training, research, innovation and transfer, which is linked to the needs of the Sector. Its goals include the promotion of partnerships among high-performance research groups within the Basque University System, along with the most relevant Businesses and Institutions in the Cultural and Creative Sector.

Innobasque Map of Innovation
Innobasque Map of Innovation

The 4GUNE Engineering, Science and Technology University Training Cluster incorporates its programmes in the Basque Innovation Map (Berrikuntza Map) fostered by the Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque.