The Basque Country Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2030 (PCTI 2030) represents the region’s strategic commitment to Research and Innovation. This plan identifies 4gune as one of the main knowledge and technology infrastructures for the training and promotion of business R&D, from the perspective of University+Business collaboration.

The PCTI 2030 is the reference framework in which all the policies and activities in support of R&D&I developed by the Basque Government are integrated and coordinated. In the field of education, these policies include: the Strategic Plan for Vocational Training and the Strategic Plan for the Basque University System, as well as the Basque Business+University Strategy and the STEAM Euskadi Strategy.

Education is thus positioned as a key element for achieving scientific excellence and promoting talent, within the framework of the RIS3 Smart SpecialisationStrategy.

Among the agents and instruments supporting R&D and innovation, the PCTI 2030 identifies 4gune - Basque Engineering, Science and Technology Cluster, coordinated by Euskampus Fundazioa, as a systemic collaboration infrastructure for strengthening University+Business cooperation in the new Basque RIS3 scenario.

Thanks to its collaboration models and co-creation mechanisms (Map of Capabilities, Technological Intelligence Cross-border Laboratory, University+Business Programme, Executive Programme, etc.), 4gune helps to:

  • Strengthen university-business collaboration for more engagement between the educational community and the industrial sector.
  • Promote, in collaboration with Euskampus Fundazioa, research excellence as a basis for creating and disseminating new knowledge, capabilities, technologies and solutions.
  • Support the strategic management of key aspects of the PCTI 2030, promoting cross-cutting work, impacting on different areas and levels, and fostering the external collaboration of the system.

As a result, 4gune promotes a robust ecosystem for the education, training and development of research and technological talent, reinforcing the links between the different economic and social spheres.



Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2030 (PCTI 2030)


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